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Some discussion areas on Sustainable Building related topics:


Listservs are email-based discussion or announcement services. When you join or "subscribe" to a listserv (don't worry, they're usually free) your email address is put on a list with all the other subscribers. Any mail sent to the listserv is forwarded out to all the subscribers. Discussion lists have an inherent advantage over Usenet in that they usually require that the sender be a subscriber to the listserv. This drastically cuts down on spam and other "drive by postings".

The following are some of the listservs on sustainable building topics that may interest you. If you know of any other listservs that we should include here, let us know. Among our many services, Sustainable Sources hosts listservs... let us know if you'd like to start one.

Regional Discussions

Some other lists which may be of interest

The following are some other lists that are hosted on our servers that may be of interest to you.


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