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Sustainability to Spirituality

a series of articles exploring issues of sustainability, community, spirituality, and the broader fields which bring them together into life and living.

The Practical

The folowing series of articles was written by the City of Austin's Green Builder Program staff.

Other Articles

The Theoretical

Oregon Architect Tom Bender writes regularly for In Context and others. His site offers many good, thought provoking articles on the nature of life and building.

See also the Citizen Planner Institute for more information on how you too can influence your community's growth and development.

The Spiritual

We at Sustainable Sources are particularly interested in learning about eastern approaches to design. The following books are by western authors who have integrated a fair bit of eastern philosophy into their thinking:

Sthapatya Ved

Feng Shui

The Western Spiritual Perspective

Interested in submitting an article? Send a query letter with a general overview of the proposed topic (or the article or URL, if it's already written) to Bill Christensen There are no guarantees that all articles will be added here, but if it fits into the general philosophy of this website it will be considered. Thanks!

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